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Improve Language Development By Blowing Bubbles

Date: January 28, 2014 Author: Michele Dickson Categories: Speech and Language Development 0

speech and language development

Blowing Bubbles can be more than just Fun

Today I would like to continue talking about play because I feel that it is such as important part of children’s speech and language development.  The one tool that is essential for children is bubbles.


I’m sure people are saying bubbles; they make a mess and spill easy and can’t do much with them.  You can use bubbles in the bathtub which lessens the mess because if they spill they will just go down the drain.  You can work on getting kids to blow by putting the bubble on wand and saying blow which works on rounding lips and controlling airflow important components for speech and feeding.

You can work on having your child imitate simple words like pop, up, open, more.  If your child is using words you can work on counting the bubbles as they pop them or ask them questions. You can make homemade bubbles and have your child name each step as you do the steps together.

What Kind of Bubbles should I get?

My favorite bubbles are from TalkTools called TalkTools Bubble Tube and Bubble Tube Refill.  They are the best because their bubbles stay on the wand so your child can blow them off until they can blow them independently.  Just remember that bubbles freeze and in this extreme weather I have learned that the hard way.

Feel free to leave comment, ask a question, or share your experience with Bubble play with your child.

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