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Divided Kid Plates – Feeding Therapy

Date: March 7, 2014 Author: Michele Dickson Categories: Speech and Language Development 0


This week’s blog will continue with feeding therapy. Many families have kids with feeding problems. There are many kids who are just picky eaters without feeding problems but who’s parents can be frustrated.

plateOne thing that I love when I begin feeding therapy is a divided kids plate. Most plates have 3-4 separate sections for food. This helps kids keep each food in its own section. I tell parents to put a highly desired food in 1 section, familiar food in the other and then a new food in the last.

You start with the child taking a bite of the desired food then new food (can be just touching till they feel comfortable putting it in their mouth) and then ending with a highly desired food. This allows kid the independence to go around their plate to get to the highly desired food.

I try to use plates that the kids desire or have them decorate a plain plate with stickers they love.

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