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Speech Therapy With Siblings

Date: March 19, 2014 Author: Michele Dickson Categories: Speech and Language Development 0


This week’s blog is on a topic that many parents and speech therapists encounter on a daily basis which is working with siblings.  For many therapists when you work with a child usually there is a sibling or siblings within the family.  Children do not understand that their brother or sister are doing work they are curious about all the new toys and who is this person?

Through the years, I have always including siblings into my therapy sessions.  Everyday, they play with their brother or sister and communicate with them.  Why should a child feel left out however, therapy still needs to get done.


How Do I Include Siblings in Therapy?

I always make the sibling my big helper and tell them that they have an important job.   Many are curious and want to help out.  I tell them that we have to take turns using our words because we want your brother or sister to talk as good as you.

I have them help me set up or clean up.  I always reward with stickers and say you did a great job letting your brother or sister use their words.  Parents can also follow these techniques because many siblings want to talk for their sibling who has a speech delay.

It can become frustrating for parents because they want the child to talk but making your older child feel special is the key.  Including them in the therapy process is important because they will carry over techniques they have learned and use them during play with their sibling.

Always remember that kids learn from other kids.

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