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Playing with Your Food Will Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Date: April 3, 2014 Author: Michele Dickson Categories: inspiration, Speech and Language Development 0


Last weekend I went to a great feeding conference called The SOS Approach to Feeding. It was given by Dr. Toomey, Dr Ross and Bethany Kortsha.

I cannot praise this conference enough.  For any speech, physical or occupational therapists attending it is a must.  I learned so much about the principles of feeding and the differences between picky and problem feeders.

Expose Your Child to Different Foods From the Beginning

playSince I direct all my blogs towards parents I want to address that exposing your child to different foods from infancy is so important.  Kids don’t just take a food and put it in their mouths they need many exposures to the food such as using their senses through touch, smell and vision. We were always taught to not play with our food but that was misleading information. 

Getting your child to play with their food is an excellent way for your child to develop healthy eating habits.  Have your child sit in their highchair while you cook and have them smell different herbs and touch different fruits and vegetables.  Let them play with fake food as you cook a meal.  Babies love bowls and spoons in the kitchen. 

This month is Autism Awareness month and many children on the Autistic Spectrum have difficulty eating new foods. Look at a child’s feeding skills.  If that child is only at looking at food then begin at that step and work your way up the ladder. So get in the kitchen roll up your sleeves and start playing!!!

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