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Vaccinations – Is it right for your child

Date: April 22, 2014 Author: Michele Dickson Categories: Speech and Language Development 0

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I continue to direct my blogs this month towards Autism Awareness month. One area that is very controversial in the Autism community is vaccinations. I would like to state that what I am writing is based on opinion.

Vaccinations are a controversial issue and through the years many families have asked me “Do I believe that Autism is caused by vaccines?” The answers I have given parents are I do not believe that vaccinations cause Autism however, I do feel that there should be a different schedule for vaccines.

vaccinationIn my opinion, no infant or young child should receive 4 to 5 vaccinations at a time. If you look at the schedule of vaccinations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention(cdc.gov/vaccine/schedules) it is scary and confusing for first time parents.

As a new parent you follow what your pediatrician tells you to do however, what about the child who’s body may not be able to handle all those vaccines at one time.

A 2 month old baby is recommended to receive 5 vaccines in their 10-15 lb body. I feel that this is to many chemicals for a child to absorb into their bodies. Many adults would not consider that many vaccinations at once, but doctors expect an infant to tolerate that. I do believe that vaccines are very important and have played a huge part in limiting many diseases that could kill people.

What can I do about it my Pediatrician knows best

I tell parents that you have options. Talk to your pediatrician about limiting the amount of vaccines that your child receives during a visit. Spread the shots over more time. If your pediatrician tries to persuade you into giving your child to many vaccines during a well visit then find another doctor who respects your wishes. Believe me there are many doctors who are willing to work with you and your family.

book-headerphotoA book written by Dr Sears The Vaccine Book is a must to read. Unfortunately, because there is conflicting information about vaccines and Autism many families are afraid to vaccinate their children and are not vaccinating at all. Everyone is entitled to what they believe, but you need the facts and research to back up your decisions.

If you turn on the tv their is always an article about a celebrity who is not vaccinating their children. A few years ago many parents had the option to break up the MMR (measles, mump and rubella vaccine) which made people feel more comfortable. This vaccine is no longer available to be broke up and some people have now refused to have their child receive the MMR for fear of Autism.

This blog is based on opinion, but the one thing I tell parents is go with your gut feeling. Have all the facts before you make a decision. For health professionals we are put into situations where family members want our opinion about a specific topic I always say you are the best advocate for your child you are your child’s voice and never be afraid to speak up when it comes to your child. Remember doctors are people too and don’t always have all the answers.

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