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Language Structure for Kids with Autism

Date: June 24, 2014 Author: Michele Dickson Categories: Speech and Language Development 0


I received an email asking if I would write a series of blogs based on autism and language.  Last week, I talked about kids with little to no verbal skills.  This week I will be talking about kids who have language but do not have complex language structures.

Steps for Language

  1. 11First, make a list of your child’s words that they use everyday.  It should include people, actions, food, toys and places they like (park, pool, school).
  2. You can use pictures paired with the words if the child is a preschooler or just use word cards if the child is in elementary school. (can use index cards to write labels on).
  3. Next spread all the words or pictures on the table. You can place them in categories on table and have the child pick one from each. ex, Mommy eats pizza, Daddy plays at the park.  You model the sentence and have the child repeat.
  4. As the child’s language increases you can a add more words like articles a, an and the.
  5. Add pictures of colors and shapes to add attributes.
Before you know it your child will making complete sentences.  Make sure to generalize to the outside, ie, I see a big green tree and see if the child reciprocates when they see an object by using the words they learned .

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