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Success with Feeding Therapy

Date: July 21, 2014 Author: Michele Dickson Categories: Speech and Language Development 0


I love writing about feeding therapy!!  I find it challenging but so rewarding when a child starts eating certain foods or textures.  When the child makes progress you can see the family feeling more comfortable going out in social situations.  The child is more relaxed and less anxious around new foods.  It changes the family dynamics.


10986770_sI have been working with a child with Autism and is a problem eater for the last year.  He/she would become aggressive if new foods were placed in front of them.  He/she would scream or try to hit or bite. Therapy has been consistent and each session has consisted of having food near the child and then touching it on hand and working up the body till food is tolerated near face and then eventually in the mouth.  To get to our final goal it took us 9 months but the child got to this step.  The child is now more accepting of food and will try new things and also trusts me more because we have established rapport. The other day the child tolerated watermelon and put in mouth and ate 1 piece.

So don’t give up when it comes to food keep having your child explore food.  Play with food and remember it takes time but the reward will be worth the wait!!

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