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I offer a range of speech, language, and feeding services for children and their families

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Feeding Disorders

Each child is given an individual feeding plan based on their individual needs. I work with parents and child to develop a feeding hierachy that meets the child’s goals.

Oral Motor Delays

Many children have reduced strength and decreased Range of Motion throughout their mouths which can affect a child’s speech production and controlling food during meals. I work with children using oral motor exercises to strengthen the oral cavity.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

I use an ecelectic approach when working with children on the autistic spectrum. I use a structured play approach to help the child reach their goals. I also work with the parents to work on their concerns that they have regarding their child.

Central Auditory Processing (CAPD)

Many children who have CAPD have difficulties in school that affect their academic work. They can be misdiagnosed with ADHD and put on medicine but the processing difficulties continue. I work with the child using computer based programs to improve processing and organizing information.

Literacy (a person’s ability to read and write)

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Many children with communication disorders struggle with literacy skills. I work with school age children to improve their literacy skills which includes building their vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. I also work on having children learn to use writing strategies to facilitate writing. I try to pick topics based on the child’s interests.